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Need help setting up a new printer or having trouble connecting to your printer?

We will connect your printer to a wireless network, adjust your print settings, connect your computer to the printer, show you how to print from all of your devices, and more!

Having problems printing. It could by any number of things. Don’t throw it away until we do some troubleshooting and check whether it may be a network issue causing the problem.

Inkjet printing is generally a better fit for the occasional printer. Ink will cost more on a per-page basis, but refills are cheaper than toner. Inkjets are also better suited for small spaces, since laser printers tend to be larger. It’s also the better option for printing images and photos

Laser printing, offers the most affordable way to print a lot of text-heavy pages. It’s faster, too, offering finished, smudge-free pages in seconds. And if crisp, easy-to-read text is your priority, then go with a laser printer, which offers better text printing.

What is the best printer for me? Do I print mostly pictures and graphics or is it mostly text. Do I need laser, inkjet, A3 capable? Friendly advice always given.