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Security- Scams

Unfortunately, after much exposure in press and education given to the public.

People are still losing personal belongings, money and even their identities to online scammers.

No amount of software, firewalls or password complexity can protect you from you.

The best advice for this is.


Don’t give your bank account details, your licence number, your passwords, or any other information to anyone.

Your bank or any other reputable organisation will never ask you for your passwords. In fact, they can’t be seen by operators, they generally can only reset the password via verification from you.

Unfortunately, the list of scams are long and way to many to cover here. So, before you do anything check here

If someone sends you an email or calls you wanting to change your password or update details. Don’t give it to them. If you’re in doubt. Go to the institution via your own methods in your own time and check it yourself.

NAB have reported that in 2017, Australians lost 340 million to email based scams. They also provide advice here

A lot of victims I have worked with seem to fall primarily into 2 camps.

The offer of a lifetime that seems too good to be true. Or I received a message/call that told me I would be banned/cancelled if I don’t address this immediately.

Like anything, if it seems to good to be true, it probably is. If you are concerned something will be cancelled. Stop talking to the people who contacted you. Contact the entity they have listed and talk to them direct.

An interesting insight in how these operations work has been well documented at

The reality of the online world is people believe it because it got sent and looked legit. If I walked up to you in the street, a complete stranger and ask you for all of your details you would be very concerned and would at the least walk away and probably report me to the police.

So why do you think it is acceptable to give details to a complete stranger online.


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