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About Us

We have 25 years experience representing large I.T vendors such as Dell, Symantec, Checkpoint, EMC, working inside their major customers including NAB, ANZ, Telstra, Optus and Westpac.

Design Advice and implementation were all part of our scope, assisting in data retention, security and continuity.

Taking a break from the corporate world, allowed us to look at home and SMB users. We noticed a lot of sites offering services from “geeks” or “nerds”. We looked further into this and realised the descriptions were true, experiencing acronyms and tech talk that would be of no interest to the general user.

Our belief is that technology should work for the user. Not only for the “geeks” or “nerds”.

Our mission is to take complex technology and make it work for you. Having achieved this with major corporations, we are confident we can assist you in making technology a part of your everyday life without imposing on it.