We love Analog. Bring them into a digital world. Or bring it back to its original glory.


So Im at an age where my bias shines through.

But vinyl has been loved by millions all over the world for decades. Many artists are now releasing on vinyl as well as their digital format.

The experience of putting a physical record on your vinyl record player, dropping the needle down, and enjoying listening to the music is unparalleled.

Pairing this to the right record player, power amp and a great set of speakers, surpasses any other  home musical experience.

But this setup can also be used to enjoy your digital music as well. We see a place for both and like to incorporate them into your environment.

For us, vinyl is one of the best ways to listen to music. Many appreciate, the superior sound quality and the physical collection. More than enough reasons to justify the investment. However, that’s not to say there aren’t advantages to digital music. Records aren’t exactly known for their portability or ease of use.

We can bring your system back to life. Reset needles or replace if needed. Matching systems to your needs

Even lovers of vinyl will have a digital setup. Ease of use for both systems makes your music a lot easier to merge. We can help bring them all together

The best record players paired with the best power amp, delivered by the best speakers. You can spend hundreds of dollars, or tens of thousands. We love to assist people just starting their collection through to seasoned audiophiles.