Computer not booting or turning on at all. We can assist with all Hardware or Software problems. If you need advice on upgrades or setting up a new computer. Give us a call. We will assess your needs and advise on what will work for you.


Whether your laptop needs more RAM or your computer is in need of a new hard drive,

Do you find yourself asking, ‘Why is my computer so slow?’ It’s a frustrating question, and we have the answers. Even new computers get bogged down with unnecessary files and unwanted programs.

Whatever program you want to run, we’ll make sure the software is properly installed on your, on any compatible operating system.

Set up a new email account or help you login to your existing email account. Whether you need Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, or any other type of account. We’ll set you up on your desktop or mobile device. We can also help manage your inbox, contact list, calendar and account settings.

Repairs and upgrades to your existing computers or setup of new systems.

Operating System not booting or need to install the latest productivity software. Or maybe you just want some gaming action. We are happy to work across all needs.

Not sure of all the features or how to use them. Want to know the correct systems to meet your needs. We will spend time to make sure you get what you need.