Organise a 1:1 training session or organise a group of people on a topic that you choose.  Presentations on industry trends. Senior students a specialty


We see a lot of geek sites. We are not geeks who only love to talk in techno babble. We explain deep technical concepts in a way that is easy to understand. We love technology that can be used in the way you want to use it.

Stop getting frustrated trying to figure out how to upload photos, change your personal settings, or find those files you’re certain you saved.

Learn how to use your new computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. We will patiently teach you how to use your device and answer any questions you may have. We travel to our client’s location upon request to make your computer training as seamless and easy as possible.

From 1:1 or a group. We are happy to create a session based on your needs

Why are you receiving mail or requests from unknown sources. We can take you through why and how to deal with them

Let us know what you need to know. We will tailor our sessions and deliver them at the time that suits you.