Bring them all into your environment. Print and connect to pc for data backup. All configurations done.

Mobile Devices

Smartphones and tablets are now a necessary part of our tech needs. We use them for everything from taking photographs and videos, to word processing, surfing the web, banking, playing games, researching, reading, emailing, GPS and maps, making video calls, chatting, texting – even talking on the phone! They have replaced our address books, and in many cases, our tablets have replaced our desktop computers entirely

Don’t miss out on the true potential of your new smartphone or tablet. We can help you personalise and optimise the setup of your new device so you can be fast, productive, and organized.

Send and receive emails, download and play music and movies, read E-books or perhaps share digital photos. We can help with all of these requests and almost any others you may have.

Social media rules. Get facebook, whatsapp, web browsing, sms, email and games all up and running. Share and protect all of those irreplaceable photos of the family and loved ones.

Tablets have bigger screens giving your more real estate to get work done like editing word documents or spreadsheets. In most cases, professionals are relying more today on tablets than laptops in the workplaces.

Smartphones are ideal for most tasks and suitable for most people, but there are some situations and requirements where a tablet might be a better choice. Talk to us before spending on a device that may not suit your needs.