Secure your environment from spying eyes. Protect from viruses and unwanted intrusions


Nothing can disable a computer quicker than a virus or spyware, and it can come without you even realizing it. You click a link or make what you think is a harmless download, and next thing you know, your computer becomes inundated with pop-up ads, or you find yourself redirected to another site.

If your computer is slow, freezing, or plagued with popups, your computer may be infected.

Those are just the minimal effects of spyware. More severe malware attacks can result in a compromise of your personal information – for example, your bank account, or credit card, it can also cause your hard drive to crash

We can set monitors of what goes out, block out any unwanted incoming traffic and possibly malicious attacks from malware or viruses, as well as block any potentially inappropriate websites.

We can come to your home and help set up anti-virus software that acts as a barrier from any outside attacks.

We will not only configure your router and adapter, but we will also secure your network, and show you how to use it, and prevent any possible attacks.

Discussions around current security traps and offer various tips that can help you from becoming a victim of any attacks or scams.