Connect all your devices to a secure network. Router configuration, Internet connectivity and VPN’s setup.

Extend WiFi through your whole premise.

Wireless Network Installation

Your computer is a major investment that costs hundreds – maybe even thousands – of dollars. However, having improper protection can cost you even more. While a wireless network helps keep your home connected, an unsecure connection can leave you prone to security problems.

We see a lot people moving to online banking, paying bills, making purchases. If not done in a secure way this information can be exposed to anyone.

We can not only help you configure your router and adapter, but we will also secure your network, and show you how to use it, and prevent any possible attacks.

We will configure your router to connect to Internet and establish an internal network.

Connection of computers, mobiles, tablets, televisions and even refrigerators are all part of our general service. If it needs connecting, we will help.

Whether you need a completely new network installed, or are just looking to upgrade or scale your existing network, we can service your home or business networking needs.